Presenter handouts

Interventions for Emotional Regulation: Karlijn de Hoon, MSc. & Hans Hogewind

Strategies for Distracted Students: Michael Boll

Striving for maximum support in your school community: bringing parents, teachers, students, and admin onto the same page: Leslie Peake

Exploring iPod Touch and iPad Applications for Children with Special Needs: Michael Boll, Miggie Shum, & Travis Welsh

Inclusion/Co-teaching at Jakarta International School: Amy Narayan & Cathy Craig

Stephen Shore Keynote Presentation

New Classroom Management For Positive Behavior: Terry Shuster

Curriculum Based Measurement: Loraine Spenciner

Toolkit for Learning: Tanya Dickson

Classroom Literacy Techniques:  Phonemic Awareness and Multisensory Approaches- Julie Schneller & Amy Narayan