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About SENIA 2014

NOTE: Registration is now closed.

SENIA 2014 Conference will be held at United World College East Campus in Singapore and it’s going to be a great line up covering some valuable topics. The pre-conference will take place on Thursday, 27 February, with the conference proper on Friday, 28 February and Saturday, 1 March.

A SUNY Graduate Credit is available for this conference. See details and download the forms at the bottom of this page.

The three strands of the SENIA 2014 Conference are:

  • Behaviour management
  • Mathematics
  • Executive functioning

The conference will start at 8:30am on Friday, 28 February and will run until Saturday, 1 March, ending around 4:30pm. The price of SENIA 2014 is US$105 (SG$130) for the pre-conference and US$285 (SG$345) for the conference.

We have three wonderful keynotes confirmed. Margaret Thorsborne is our keynote speaker on behaviour management and a leader in the field of restorative practices.

Shad Moarif is our maths keynote and an expert on dyscalculia and maths learning difficulties.

Last but not least is Bonnie Singer, our executive functioning keynote speaker and expert on language and literacy.

Margaret Thorsborne Shad Moarif website Bonnie Singer
Marg Thorsborne Shad Moarif Bonnie Singer

SUNY Graduate Credit

Please download the Information Form: Info SENIA conference UWCSEA 20141 1 credit and Registration Form: Reg SENIA conference UWCSEA 20141 1 credit by clicking on the hyperlinks.