Local Chapters

Many local chapters of SENIA are forming. You don’t have to wait for the SENIA conference each year to talk with other professionals in your field. Create a local chapter of SENIA and start networking!

To connect with SENIA Local Chapters, please see the contact information below:

Website: Special Education Network in Beijing- SENIB

SENIA Hong Kong (Information to follow)

SENIA Jakarta
Website: Special Education Network in Asia- Jakarta

SENIA Japan (SENIA Japan)
Website:Special Education Network in Japan – SENIA Japan
Email: SENIAJapan@gmail.com

SENIA Malaysia (SENIM)
Website: Special Education Network in Malaysia – SENIM
Email: senim.kl@gmail.com
Facebook: Click here.

SENIA Manila
Website: SENIA Manila
Facebook: Click here.

SENIA Singapore
Website: Special Education Network in Singapore – SENIS
Email: seniasingapore@gmail.com

Facebook: Click here.
Email: senitaiwan@gmail.com

SENIA Thailand (SENIT)
Website: Special Education Network in Thailand-SENIT
Email: senitnetwork@gmail.com

SENIA United Arab Emirates
Website: http://seniauae.weebly.com/