Student Award

SENIA Student Award

IG_Nom_StudentEach year SENIA recognizes the contributions of a student with disabilities who helps raise awareness or advocating for special needs by presenting the SENIA Student Award. The awarding of the SENIA Student Award is the highlight of the SENIA conferences.

We need your help in spreading the word.

Please print this SENIA Student Award Poster and put it up at your school and your community.

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Steps in the nomination process.

1. Read through the SENIA Student Award Rules and Regulations

2. Nominate your student using this Online Nomination Form

3.  Email Supporting Documentation to

4. Supporting Documentation: (Emailed, Required)

  • TWO letters of recommendation. One letter must come from a professional educator (e.g., teacher, principal, school administrator, counselor, consultant, educational assistant). The second letter may come from an educator or other individual who knows the student well (e.g., teacher, principal, counselor, parent, peer). The letters should state why the student deserves the award, in relation to advocacy and awareness of special needs in Asia, and any obstacles the student has overcome.
  • Nominee to submit a personal response to ONE of the following questions:

    a) What inspires or motivates you to advocate for yourself and/or your peers with special education needs?

    b) What do you hope to achieve by advocating for yourself and/or your peers with special education needs?

  • Photo of the Nominee (At least 640 x 480 pixels to be used in the website and in a presentation of the nominees at the SENIA Conference)

  • Additional Supporting Documentation: (OPTIONAL)

The following are suggestions for additional documentation that may be provided:

      • Newspaper articles
      • Documentation of other awards or recognition for achievement
      • Academics—school transcripts, report cards, accelerated programs, academic awards, work samples, statement of change in student’s academic achievement.
      • Arts—copies of artwork, event programs, samples of music, dance performances, drama performances, and so on.
      • Athletics—awards, teams participated in, statements from athletic directors or P.E. teachers.
      • School and Community Activities—record of activities, statements from activity leaders, certificates, awards.
      • Self-Advocacy—statement of how the student educates others (teachers, students, community) on their needs or the needs of others with disabilities; examples of the accommodations the student has requested to enhance learning and accessibility.
      • Technology—record of technology used, how it has impacted the student or others, skills the student has learned through technology use.
      • Transition—employment history, performance reviews, certificates, awards, statement of achievement from employers/co-workers/teachers/coaches/transition officers, record of progress made in acquiring work, vocational, or independent living skills.

Nominations for this award are due by December 1, 2017. Send information to