About Us


SENIA is a network of educators, professionals and parents across Asia dedicated to supporting individuals with special learning needs.
Working together, we will provide a network to combine our strengths to help raise awareness and advocate for the individuals in our lives.


SENIA was started by a group of international school teachers in China in 2002. The intention was to create a network forum for any professionals working with children with special educational needs in Asia. The heart of SENIA is the advocacy for children with special needs in educational settings.

Since our early beginnings, the group has grown and has included international school teachers, educational psychologists, support assistants and other professionals in the field of special needs.


This was the original logo for SENIA. The child is the center of all our support. We are the circle that supports the child, and we provide support for the child in a caring and compassionate way. The red and gold represent the flag colors of China, where SENIA originated. Now that SENIA has become an entity representing all of Asia, we have a new logo.

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