[News] Casey Stevenson wins SENIA Student Award 2017


Casey Elaine Stevenson, a student of Brent International School, is the winner of the SENIA Student Award 2017. The SENIA Student Award honors a student with a disability who excels and advocates for the aspirations of children and youth with disabilities in Asia.

Casey is a strong advocate for special needs inspired by her own personal experiences with disability. Casey started struggling with depression and anxiety when she entered her teenage years. After seeing a psychologist, it became clear that she also has characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder that was previously unidentified. Aside from her personal challenges, Casey also witnessed the challenges of her older sister who has a neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome. Casey’s love for her sister, who she considers her best friend, inspires her advocacy. In her personal statement, Casey said that “She is the main reason I advocate, to help others like her.”

Still, Casey’s advocacy goes far and beyond. Casey has raised awareness for special education issues through public speaking, service and art. As a SENIA Manila Youth Chapter member, she did a teacher workshop in SENIA 2016 ISKL Malaysia. She is currently working with the group to create their presentation for SENIA 2017 YIS Japan. Likewise, Casey has presented among faculty members at her own school. Casey also volunteers in community efforts to improve the quality of life for photo-with-sisterkids with disabilities.

Casey’s advocacy and loving relationship with her sister also inspired her great aunt to write a children’s book. The book entitled Bellashelly is available in Amazon Casey continues her passion to advocate for various types of special needs. She has many ideas on how to raise awareness. Through the SENIA Youth Chapter, Casey gains confidence. and courage to make a difference and look beyond her own personal battles to still help others.

Watch the video to see Casey talk about SENIA Youth.


Congratulations Casey Elaine Stevenson for winning the SENIA Student Award 2017!

Story written by Catherine Deen

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