October 19th, 2016:

[Conference] Dr. Stephen Shore to speak at SENITA Annual Conference 2017

SENIA Taiwanshore (SENITA) will host their second annual workshop in Taichung, Taiwan on Friday, January 20, 2017.  Dr. Stephen Shore, the author of Beyond the Wall, will be the keynote speaker of the event, entitled:  Turning Obstacles into Opportunities. For more information about this great opportunity, download the event flyer.

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[News] SENITA holds first SENIA local conference in Taiwan

13055870_460707370720736_3671915557110916731_o 13086866_460707367387403_7002062514619653411_oIn April of 2016, SENITA hosted their first annual conference in Taichung, Taiwan.  They were hosted by Morrison Academy.  The theme for the event was, “Where Do I Begin” with three tracks.

Uwe Maurer the president of the Taiwan Sunshine Foundation led a workshop on learning support within the framework of the Taiwan Education System.  Natasha Kanapathy, a Speech and Language Pathologist, led a session on the understanding the role of an SLP as well as “red flags” for children who might need help.  Freddie Wagner, the learning specialist, at Morrison Academy, led a workshop on Brain Architecture and Understanding the impact of A.D.H.D and Learning.

Those in attendance came from all over the island, but the highest percentage of attendees came from Taipei in the capital, traveling to attend the conference.  Because of the interest, the workshops were repeated for a second conference in Taipei in early May.  The event highlighted a need for a connecting organization and networking opportunities for educators, parents and specialist.

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Thank you Freddie Wagner for sharing this story!

[News] SENIA Japan holds first conference

13123068_10154329588954245_8109251513234874251_o senia-japan-contact-details-screen-1 senia-japan-end-of-conferenceSENIA Japan was very proud to host their first annual conference on 30th April 2016! It was a huge success and also a great platform to introduce SENIA Asia to Japan.

The conference included two plenary sessions: Applied Behavior Analysis by Christine White-Tzeng and How to Use Your Brain’s Built-in Apps to Sharpen Attention, Battle Boredom, and Build Mental Muscle by Dr. Ron Shumsky.

‘Why inclusion’ was an address by three Heads of Schools that set the tone for the conference: Craig Coutts from Yokohama International School, Jon Schatzky from Canadian Academy and Matthew Parr from Nagoya International School discussed the absolute need for schools to support students with learning needs.

There were a range of sessions presented by educators, from addressing math and language difficulties, co-teaching to modifying curriculum and discussing mental health services available to support individuals from multicultural backgrounds.

The ‘show stopper’ that stole everyone’s hearts were students from Nagoya International School who bravely shared their stories of positive learning experiences as well as their challenges in prior academic settings. Common advice they all had for educators was to get to know each student individually and meet them where they are in their learning journey.

A common vision for supporting students with learning needs, sharing expertise with other educators and the opportunity to come together from across the country to advocate for our students made the SENIA Japan conference a tremendous success.

A huge thank you to all the presenters, the host school Canadian Academy, Heads of Schools for their unwavering support, students who shared their stories, parents, participants and everyone who worked behind the scene to make this conference a huge success. Last but not the least, thank you to the SENIA board for their vision and their mission to support learning for everyone on different learning journeys!

Story Contributed by Srishti Vaswani, SENIA Japan Chapter