[News] Yokohama International School hosts Stuttering Workshops in Japan

yis-lidcombe-2016-speech-therapy-workshop-7260We would like to say thank you to the Australian Stuttering Research Centre for generously acknowledging Yokohama International School’s support in bringing the Lidcombe Program treatment for childhood stuttering to Japan.

In March, Yokohama International School, along with the Australian Stuttering Research Centre from the University of Sydney, hosted it’s third annual stuttering workshop specifically for Japanese Speech Therapists. YIS Learning Support teacher and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Elaine Yandeau, along with Dr. Brenda Carey, who is a world renowned speech language pathologist in the area of stuttering, presented to over 30 Japanese speech therapists. YIS also hosted a follow-up workshop for those Japanese SLP’s who attended previous Lidcombe Workshops.

The attendees of the conference came from all over Japan and include therapists, researchers and professors. Following this workshop, there is a total of approximately 150 Japanese therapists trained in stuttering intervention for young children. There are now additional requests for these workshops to be held in Hokkaido and Osaka also.

Early intervention for stuttering is still in its infancy here in Japan, so continuing education for Japanese speech therapists is critical in treating children who stutter. We are hopeful that the Lidcombe training workshops for speech therapists will have positive intervention implications for many children who stutter and that we will begin to see a ripple effect of change in how stuttering treatment is accessed and delivered in Japan.

Thank you SENIA Japan for this story!

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