May, 2016:

[Conference] SENIA 2017 Keynote Speakers Confirmed!

We are glad to inform everyone that the expert keynote speakers for SENIA 2017 Conference in Yokohama International School Japan has been confirmed! Confirmed speakers include Dr. Brian Willoughby, Dr. Steve Chinn, and Dr. Madeleine Portwood. 


Dr. Brian Willoughby


Dr. Steve Chinn


Dr. Madeleine Portwood

For more information about our expect speakers, download the SENIA 2017 Speaker’s Profile.

International AEN Conference Call for Presenters

The International AEN Conference is seeking presenter proposals for their upcoming conference. For interested parties, send your ideas to Christopher Harmon (Head of AEN, Dulwich College Beijing) by June 7, 2016 (Tuesday)

Dulwich College_International AEN Conference poster - 20160526-01 (002)

[News] Yokohama International School hosts Stuttering Workshops in Japan

yis-lidcombe-2016-speech-therapy-workshop-7260We would like to say thank you to the Australian Stuttering Research Centre for generously acknowledging Yokohama International School’s support in bringing the Lidcombe Program treatment for childhood stuttering to Japan.

In March, Yokohama International School, along with the Australian Stuttering Research Centre from the University of Sydney, hosted it’s third annual stuttering workshop specifically for Japanese Speech Therapists. YIS Learning Support teacher and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Elaine Yandeau, along with Dr. Brenda Carey, who is a world renowned speech language pathologist in the area of stuttering, presented to over 30 Japanese speech therapists. YIS also hosted a follow-up workshop for those Japanese SLP’s who attended previous Lidcombe Workshops.

The attendees of the conference came from all over Japan and include therapists, researchers and professors. Following this workshop, there is a total of approximately 150 Japanese therapists trained in stuttering intervention for young children. There are now additional requests for these workshops to be held in Hokkaido and Osaka also.

Early intervention for stuttering is still in its infancy here in Japan, so continuing education for Japanese speech therapists is critical in treating children who stutter. We are hopeful that the Lidcombe training workshops for speech therapists will have positive intervention implications for many children who stutter and that we will begin to see a ripple effect of change in how stuttering treatment is accessed and delivered in Japan.

Thank you SENIA Japan for this story!

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SENIM moves forward with exciting activities

SENIM Board, SENIA Honorary Advocacy Awardees 2016Special Education Network in Malaysia (SENIM) continues to forward SENIA’s mission towards advocacy for special needs through their exciting activities.

SENIM held a Parent Meeting last March 12 attended by about 25 parents. During the meeting, there were expert panel speakers, small group article discussion and “make and take”.

The group also hosted a networking event on May 5. Attended by 31 participants, the event focused on networking learning from each other with 7 Speed-Geeking topics by local professionals. A presentation on Mindfulness was given by Chris Wright, a counselor from ISKL.

The SENIM Board is also moving forward with the addition of Chris Wright and Lizzie Hudson on the board. One of SENIM’s founding board members Janelle Wettour Meyer is moving outside Asia.

SENIM is also preparing for their annual conference in November 2016.

Congratulations SENIM for your inspiring efforts!

[Inspire] Aisha’s Story: A Student with Down Syndrome

Be inspired by Aisha Jamaluddin Aziz, a student with Down Syndrome, who successfully enjoys her school experience. Aisha stood in front of more than 300 delegates during the SENIA 2016 conference at the International School Kuala Lumpur. Click the video here to experience her story.

Aisha also shared a short version of her personal story in her own words:

“My name is Aisha Jamaluddin Aziz and I live in Damansara with my mom, my uncle and aunt, cousins and grandma. My family is really important to me and I’m also close to another aunt, uncle and cousins. My dad is a very talented musician and he lives in Keramat, I spend some weekends with him sometimes and he is also an important part of my life. I also have a half brother and half sister. Family is first but I enjoy going to school and hanging out with my friends.

My interests are horseback riding, singing, swimming, art and fashion. I love making a difference in the world, especially for all types of people with different abilities like Downs Syndrome and Autism. I have awesome teachers at school who help me with things I need to know in life. My mom is an amazing and creative person with a very cool job. I love her so much.”

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