March 21st, 2016:

[Inspire] A Brother’s Story

20160227_091336Andrew Chong was one of the Ignite speakers during SENIA 2016. Andrew touched the hearts of more than 300 conference delegates as he shared how his brother Zhi Yaow enriched his life.
Read Andrew’s story in his own words.
With a skip and a hop, he’s at the door, waiting to greet us with warm hugs and kisses. This was every weekday, when my sister and I would arrive home from school, just 2 minutes walk away. Once every while he would exclaim, “Wow, next time I want to go to that school too!”
“Sure!”, I would say to my younger brother, “When you’re older.”
Sometimes I would have my friends come over after class. Mashing buttons on the Play Station and computer, kicking each others butts. We had sleepovers, we had parties, we had fun! And when goodbyes were said as my friends went home, my brother would come up to me and say,”Hey, next time I want to have my friends stay over too!” or “The next party, I want to invite my friends as well!”
“Sure buddy, sure ..when you’re older”, I would say every time.
And every single time it hurts, because that was a lie.