April 1st, 2015:

Official SENIA 2016 Website Now Available!

Site-photoThe official SENIA 2016 conference website is now available!

The thirteenth annual SENIA 2016 Conference will be held in the International School of Kuala Lumpur Melawati Campus. The pre-conference will take place on Thursday, 25 February, with the conference proper on Friday, 26 February and Saturday, 27 February.
The three strands of the SENIA 2016 Conference are:
  • Assessment with Diverse Populations
  • Social Emotional Well-Being of Students
  • Executive Functioning
These three strands will be presented by three keynotes who have been confirmed. Dr. Samuel Ortiz will be the keynote speaker for assessment with diverse populations. Julia Cook will be speaking about social emotional well-being of students and Dr. Peg Dawson will speak for executive functioning strand. For profiles of the keynote speakers, click here.