Beijing international student wins SENIA Student Award

Celeste Palmer riding a horse.

Celeste Palmer riding a horse.

Celeste Palmer, a Grade 6 student from the Western Academy of Beijing, is the third recipient of the Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) Student Award. The SENIA Student Award honors a student with a disability who excels and advocates for the aspirations of children and youth with disabilities in Asia.

Celeste will be receiving her award at the SENIA 2014 Conference to be held in the United World College East Campus, Singapore on February 28 to March 1, 2014. Past recipients of the award include Andrea Zubiri and Samantha Johnson.

Having suffered a stroke before birth on the right side of her brain, Celeste developed hemiplegia and has difficulties with visual and spatial skills. She also has dyslexia and visual-spatial dyspraxia. Despite these challenges, Celeste exhibits a go-getter attitude, is passionate and confident.

Celeste has delivered a TED-X talk about saving stray animals. She is also an active student leader who advocates for all students. She lives her “come on, you can do it!” attitude as she achieve milestone after milestone. Told that she will not be able to ride a bike, Celeste learned to ride a bike and ride a horse too! Celeste influence touches others in her school and beyond. Her sponsor expressed that “due to Celeste magic influence, her year group shows concern for others, are thoughtful, kinder and considerate of others.”

“Save All Strays” by Celeste Palmer

SENIA also wishes to recognize the honorary SENIA Student Award winners including Charlie Taborda, Dominique Hilker, Justine Mallory Cham, Mark Daza, Robin Nicole Castañeda and Theo Thummim Miguel.



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